Different description for lamianting pouches

Different description for ” Laminating Pouches” all over the world English:            Laminating Pouches, Laminating Film, Lamination Sheet Germany:         Laminierfolien,Laminierfolientaschen,Laminierhüllen,Kalt-Laminierfolie France:             pochettes à plastifier,pochettes,pochettes plastifiées,film à plastifier ,                          consommables pour plastification,Pochettes formats Netherlands:   pochettes à plastifier,pochettes,pochettes plastifiées,film à plastifier ,                         consommables pour plastification,Pochettes formats Spain/South America: fundas para plastificar Greece:    [...]

Why is there excess glue being left inside my carrier after lamination?

If you are noticing a large amount of adhesive left behind inside the carrier sheet after laminating items, then that is most likely a sign that you are laminating at too high of a temperature. You will only notice trace amounts of glue inside the carrier if you are laminating at the proper temperature. Try reducing the laminating temperature until you reach a point where the excess glue has been eliminated but the laminating pouch is still sealing properly.

Do I have to change any machine setting to use a carrier sheet?

Because the carrier sheets dissipate heat, you may have to increase the temperature on your laminator in order to achieve a seal when using a carrier. You may want to perform a test run when using a carrier for the first time to ensure that your settings are correct before laminating anything important. It is recommended that a carrier sheet be used with any pouch laminator that is equipped with non-silicone rollers, however you may want to refer to the owner’s manual for [...]

How do I use a carrier sheet?

To use a carrier sheet, simply insert the document that you are laminating into the laminating pouch and place the pouch inside of the carrier. Next, run the carrier containing the pouch through your laminator. Once your document passes through the laminating machine, remove it from the carrier and allow it to cool.